Social Justice and Disabled Welfare Department

Information of departmental schemes
SN Scheme Name SN Scheme Name
1 Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension 13 Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension
2 Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension 14 Financial assistance to people with disabilities and mentally challenged people
3 Girls Parent Pension Scheme 15 Chief Minister Kalyani Pension Assistance Scheme
4 Chief Minister Unmarried Pension Assistance Scheme 16 Social Security Old Age Pension Scheme
5 Social Security Widow / Abandonment Pension Scheme 17 Social Security Disabled Pension Scheme
6 Disabled Education Promotion Assistance Fund 18 National Family Support
7 Chief Minister Kalyani Marriage Assistance Scheme 19 Chief Minister Kanya Vivah / Nikah Scheme
8 Antyodaya Mela 20 Chief Minister Disabled Marriage Promotion Scheme
9 Disabled female professional scheme 21 Fees, subsistence allowance, transport allowance scheme for disabled students in higher education
10 Scholarship scheme for foreign students for higher education for disabled students 22 Chief Minister Disabled Education Promotion Scheme
11 Special instrument/equipment delivery scheme and surgical treatment assistance to persons with disabilities 23 Operating old age homes
12 District Disabled Rehabilitation Center (DDRC) 24 See detailed information of above schemes (958 KB)