Keeping in view the historical heritage, natural and religious properties of the district Sehore and districts surrounding it, the establishment of the Sehore Tourism Council for the development of tourism sector in the district has been registered with registration no.28030 dated 11.04.2014 Sehore is situated at Bhopal-Ratlam block of western railway, on Bhopal-Indore highway 37 km from Bhopal by road. By air is also connected to the state capital Bhopal.

From the tourism point of view, within the area of the district sehore,  3 km away in Gopalpura peshwa times Ganesh temple is located where thousands of devotees come on every Wednesday, 02 km from the city cenotaphs of Kunwar Chain Singh,  the church built by British rule in 1838, is a replica of the Church of Scotland. Several historical evidence is found on the shores of the Parvati, Dudhi Nevaj, Kolar, Papanas, Kulanas, Seam, Lotia rivers passing through Sehore District.

The historic Jain temple built in Vikram Samvat 1548 Kasba  Sehore, Hanuman Gadi situated on the banks of river Sivan, Kolar dame on the Kolar river in Lakhwarigaon 35 km from the city, Jain temple in Ashta, 35 km far from Astha the Rampura Dam on the river Parvati, is located approximately 80 km from Sehore.
Sehore district is Is overwhelmed with attractive tourist places, cultural, historical religious temples, mosques, churches and gurudwaras.
The tomb of Kunwar Chan Singh, the caves of Saru-maru, Talpura, Ginnorgarh fort is a famous historical place in Sehore district. Beautiful waterfalls situated on the Kaliyadev, Narmada, Tawa and Sangam Bandra ban take delight in tourists.

Kolar Dam Located in Sehore district, is known for a tourist attraction as well as boating.
Salkanpur is about 100 km from the city under Narmada area, at the height of 800 feet in Salkanpur, the temple of Maa Bijasan Devi is located where every year during the Navratri festival lacs number of devotees come for darshan and also  ropeway is arranged for the devotees to reach the temple. Similarly, on the distance of 07 km from the city Kannajir Dargah, Kakkhedhera Mata Mandir on Ichhawar road, twelve pillar temple near Ichhawar city, where the cattle fair is organized every year on the second day of Deepawali, in which thousands of people are present.
On the religious festival, number of devotees in millions receive religious blessings after attending the Narmada bath in Kaliya dev waterfall of NadanVillage on  Ichhavar-Nasrulganj road and Nilkanth Ghat and Budni Ghat situated on Narmada river 5 km from Nasrulganj.