Sehore district’s agro-climatic zone belongs to Vindhya Pletu (Sehore, Ashta, Ichavar, Nasrullaganj block) and Central Narmada Valley (Budni block). The total geographical area of the district is 6, 56,368 hectares. The cultivable area is about 3.95 lac hectares. Sehore district comes under subtropical climate. Annual rainfall is of 1261.20 mm. Temperatures in the summer range from 25 to 45 degrees, while the temperature in winter is 10 to 25 degrees. The main nutrient nitrogen is in the medium dark black soil, the level of phosphorus is medium and the level of potash is medium to high in the district. The lack of sulfur, zinc, iron and manganese in the micronutrients is reflected.Here cultivated area is about 3.50 lakh hectare in Kharif and 3.56 lakh hectare in Rabi.

In Kharif mainly soybean, paddy, tuar and corn are cultivated, in Rabi wheat, gram crops are grown prominently. Continuous area is expanding under the Moong Crop in Zayed. Sugarcane is cultivated to make jaggery by the farmers of Sehore, Ashta and Ichwar block. Due to the special quality of Sharbati wheat produced in the district, it is recognized not only in the country but also in foreign countries. The fragrance of the basmati paddy of the district is also gradually spreading across the country and abroad.

Agricultural mechanization is increasing rapidly in the district, which is helpful in the promotion of agricultural activities. Positive results of agricultural mechanization, are reflected as increased productivity. 13 government / cooperative custom hiring centers have been set up to encourage agricultural mechanization.

In addition of Pulses, Tilhani and Paddy crops, cultivation of horticultural crops is being encouraged in district. Mainly onions, garlic, tomatoes, brinjal, chillies, ginger, cauliflower, celery, etc. are grown under open crops. In the horticulture, mango, guava, orange, amla are the main crops. Flowers are cultivated in some areas such as marigold, navaranga, rose, etc. Vegetables, fruits and flowers are sold in Bhopal, Indore and other cities.

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