Sr. No. Title Details
1 Environment Building & Training Environment building & training to employees for effective implementation & utilization of ICT facilities in Government & Semi-Government institutions.
2 Hardware Facilities DIC has state-of-the-art hardware facilities installed. Any Government or Semi-Government institution can avail these facilities.
3 Software Facilities DIC has latest general purpose and special packages. If any organization wants to develop any application software on any platform, DIC is well equipped and well suited for the job.
4 User Assistance DIC helps organizations in sorting out day-to-day problems of computerization and other ICT work likes hardware & software installation & maintenance.
5 Email Facilities DIC provides email facility to all Government offices. Created 580 email ids for all departments. The NIC email IDs created for all 497 panchayats also.
6 e-Governance DIC helps in e-Governance activities in the district. DIC helps in the proper implementation of various software in the district prepared at National, State as well as District level project by various departments.
7 Video Conferencing DIC has established satellite based video conferencing facility. This is being availed by various departments to interact with district level offices and intra district communication. NIC desktop VC facility used to establish communication channel between district and blocks. Provided support to setup district level VC studio with 35 persons seating capacity and five block level VC studio with 125 persons seating capacity. NIC district center provided technical support to conduct video conferencing between district headquarter and block hq.
The e-JanSunwai, e-JanVarta, e-Kissan Khet Pathshala, e-Shiksha, e-Samiksha e-Training activities conducting through VC centers. About 86 hours 57 VC sessions have been conducted and around 2,887 officers/ employees/ farmers/ students have participated in these VC sessions.
8 Web-Sites DIC develops web sites for local Government offices and maintains it. Hosting of these web sites is done on NIC’s web servers.

Election Process – Election process of formation & deployment of polling parties has been computerized completely. This includes training list & order printing, honorarium distribution, a-roll generation, final order printing and mixing of employees as per ECI guidelines from within the district and with other districts’ employees. Route chart, Zone chart and various orders & guidelines printing are also computerized. Counting process and generation & printing of various final reports as per ECI guidelines has also been computerized.

Computerization of Land Records –  Land Records computer centres have been established in all 5 tehsils of the district. NIC’s Bhu-Abilekh Ver 4B4 software has been installed and being used in all tehsils. Computerized khasra, B-1 and other reports related to land records are being provided to general public.

AGMARKNET programme – AGMARKNET programme of Government of India has been implemented in 3 Krushi Upaj Mandi’s of Sehore – Sehore, Ashta and Nasrullganj. Dial-up link to NICNET and email facility has been provided in these and daily prices of selected commodities are being transmitted to New Delhi.

Implementation of other State Projects – A number of state projects have been implemented in various offices by DIC. The list includes – Bank Recovery Incentive Scheme (BRISC), Public Health Engineering Management Information System (PHEMIS), Public Distribution Management System (PDMS), Rate Analysis System (RAS), Crop Insurance System (CIS) etc.

Web Sites – Web sites of the district, Government Post Graduate College Sehore and Government Girls College Sehore have been developed and hosted on NICNET.

Implementation of other Central Projects – A number of central projects have been implemented in various offices by DIC. The list includes – All India Education Survey (AIES), Minot Irrigation Census (MIC), Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), Community Needs Assessment Approach (CNAA), ​ NATIONAL ANIMAL DISEASE REPORTING SYSTEM (NADRS),National Child Traking System(NCTS),Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana(SAGY) etc.

Local Projects – DIC has developed a lot of software as per local needs. The list includes – Arms Licensing System, Pending & Time Limit Papers System, Works Monitoring System, etc.