Madhya Pradesh Police Citizen Portal

Madhya Pradesh Police has implemented Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) which is a Mission Mode Project of Government of India. Under CCTNS Project all Police Stations and Higher Police Offices in the State and across the Country is being computerized and networked. For convenience all Police offices are interconnected and work is undertaken in a centralized application. The Citizen Portal is developed for the Citizen of Madhya Pradesh which have various benefits including –

1. Citizen can give information to the police regarding lost property such as mobile phones, SIM cards, documents, etc. and receive acknowledgment.
2. Easy reporting of incidents and suspicious activities (without disclosing the identity)
3. Multiple channels for interaction with Police (Citizen’s Feedback)
4. Information related to ‘Missing person’, ‘Unidentified dead bodies’ etc. is easily available (Citizen’s Information)
5. Facility to search seized and theft vehicle with Engine Number, Chassis number and registration number.