Chief Minister Girl Parent Pension Scheme

Date : 01/08/2009 - | Sector: RURAL & URBAN AREA

“Chief Minister’s Girl Guardian Pension Scheme” was started with a view to provide social security to a couple who have only children as Girl.


1. The eligible couple should be a native of Madhya Pradesh. 2. The minimum age of one of the beneficiary couple is 60 years. 3. As a child of a beneficial couple, only daughter. 4. Beneficiary couple should not be income tax payer.


Under the scheme, the beneficial couple will get Rs. 600 / - per month

How To Apply

Applications in the prescribed application form in the rural area of their native place- Gram Panchayat / Janpad Panchayat, in the urban area, in the office of Municipal Corporation / Municipality / Nagar Panchayat, three photographs, certificates for confirmation of age, Samagra ID and BP. L. Submit with the card. Or apply online through the nearest Public Service Center.