BarahKhamba Fair

  • Celebrated on: November
  • Significance:

    Barakhamba village is located at 40 km from Sehore and 15 Km form Ichhawar Tehsil. On the second day of Deepawali, in Barakhamal village of Ichhwar tehsil of district Sehore district, a fair is held at Barakhama Dev place, in which a large number of farmers reach the area to supply milk and wish to prosper for prosperity by offering milk at the place of God. This worship is very important in the farmers. At this place, cattle husbandry farmers go to large number of milk, coconut, as well as their resources. It is believed that by feeding milk at Barakhama Dev place, the animals remain healthy. It is believed that if an animal of farmer becomes ill, then the farmer pray for it and puts the yarn of his name in the neck of the animal, then the sick animal gets cured.