Saru-Maru caves

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Saru Maru is the archaeological site of an ancient monastic complex and Buddhist caves. The site is located near the village of Pangoraria, Budhani Tehsil, Sehore District. The site is about 120 km south of Sanchi.
The site contains a number of stupas as well as natural caves for monks. In the caves many Buddhist graffiti have been found (swastika, triratna, kalasa …). In the main cave were found two inscriptions of Ashoka: a version of the Minor Rock Edict n°1, one of the Edicts of Ashoka, and another inscription mentioning the visit of Maharaha Kumara.

According to the inscription, it would seem that Ashoka visited this Buddhist monastic complex, and viceroy of the region of Madhya Pradesh, while his residence was to be at Vidisha.

Photo Gallery

  • Saru Maru Caves Paan Guradiya
  • Structure by Ashoka
  • Saru Maru Caves Hill

How to Reach:

By Air

75 Km from Raja Bhoj Air Port on Bhopal - Hoshangabad Road.

By Train

15 KM from Budni Railway Station.

By Road

75 Km from Bhopal on Bhopal - Hoshangabad Road.