Chief Minister Unmarried Pension Scheme

Date : 01/01/2019 - | Sector: RURAL & URBAN AREA

According to the decision taken by the government, “Chief Minister Unmarried Pension Scheme” has been started in the state for the purpose of providing social security to unmarried women above the age of 50 years and providing financial assistance every month.


1. Unmarried woman is a native of Madhya Pradesh, 2. Minimum age is 50 years or more, 3. Is not a payee, 4. Is not an official employee / officer (Government employee / officer means state or central government or government-funded corporation , The undertaking is from the employees / officers working under the institution.) 5. There should not be honorarium employee working in a government / non-government office. 6. Unmarried woman is not receiving family pension.


For being over 50 years of age, the amount per month is Rs. 600 / - pension will be given

How To Apply

Applications in the prescribed application form in the rural area of their native place- Gram Panchayat / Janpad Panchayat, in the urban area, in the office of Municipal Corporation / Municipality / Nagar Panchayat, three photographs, certificates for confirmation of age, Samagra ID and BP. L. Submit with the card. Or apply online through the nearest Public Service Center.